August: What’s Being Celebrated This Month

August is:

  • Celery, Fennel, and Cactus Month
  •  National Catfish Month
  • National Goat Cheese Month
  • National Panini Month
  • Orange and Papaya Month

I’m sensing a food theme here! Hey… somebody kill five birds with one stone and come up with a Celery, Fennel, Catfish, Orange, Papaya Panini with Goat Cheese. Yummy?

And in all seriousness, August is also a month to bring awareness to several things, including:

  •  Cataract Awareness
  • Children’s Eye Health and Safety
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness
  • Psoriasis Awareness


  • Runaway Prevention

get involved this month!


October 7: You Matter To Me Day

Think about it… who are the people who matter to you? Have you told them lately how much they mean to you or do you assume that they already know? What if something horrific happened to them (or you) today and you nver got another chance to tell that person just how much they mean to you?? It was because of that very reason that “You Matter To Me” Day was born. A dad lost his son. Read more about it [HERE]

Today, I sent out texts to family and friends who I wanted to remind that they matter to me!  I also reassured/reaffirmed to my husband and kids that they matter to me. You’d think that goes without saying… but it’s still nice to hear.

Tell someone today that they matter to you! Or do it tomorrow. It’s never too early…but it CAN be too late.

Tomorrow is National Kick Butt Day.

KICK BUTT! And then come back and tell me about it! 🙂

October 5: World Smile Day

I’m going to have to figure this blog thing out.  First time I’ve blogged at this particular site and I’m having issues getting them to publish.  So, last night I had this whole blog typed up about how I celebrated Cinnamon Roll Day, complete with pictures, and then it didn’t publish and when I tried again I couldn’t get the pics to upload. *sigh*  So, I walked away from it for the night and haven’t had much better luck today. Trying again…

I live in a small farm  town (emphasis on small). In our small town, there are no chain restaurants.  All (of the three) restaurants in town are family owned and one of them makes a REALLY good cinnamon roll.  So, I stopped and got one yesterday to go. And it was yummy 🙂

Today was World Smile Day & World Teacher’s Day. Click on the link to read more about World Smile Day. What did YOU do today to make someone smile?

Head’s up: If tomorrow is your birthday then HAPPY BIRTHDAY, if not, then celebrate your UN-birthday with me! Tomorrow (fittingly) is Mad Hatter Day & German-American Day. Who wants to make me some schnitzel and goulash?!?

As always… if you celebrate… take a picture and tweet it or Instagram it with the hashtag #myunbirthday

Happy UnBirthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.

Birthdays are a BIG deal to me. My mama always made them a big deal not with a bunch of presents but in other little thoughtful ways. On our birthday we were allowed to request whatever we wanted as our birthday meal. It didn’t matter if it just took a little prep or required mom to be in the kitchen all day… if you requested if for your birthday, you got it.  After we had all sat down to supper, dad would tell our “birth story.” EVERY YEAR! And every year mom and dad would both get choked up at the re-telling of the day we were born.  It made us feel special. The day your child is born is surely a day you’ll never forget no matter how many children you have or how old they get.  I might not remember what I do from one day to the next, but I’ll always remember vivid little details of the day each of my children were born.  So I’ve carried on the birthday meal tradition with my kids and I’ve started other traditions of our own.  The kids’ favorite is that on every birthday eve after they’ve gone to bed, I barricade their bedroom door with crepe paper so in the morning they have to bust out of it.  They love that and look forward to it every year.  It’s the small things!  We don’t feel like we have to lavish our children with expensive gifts on their birthday to make the day special or fun.  In fact, this year, we opted to spend less money on “stuff” that would further clutter their bedrooms, and instead spent money on making memories.  Our 8 year old, for example, got to invite three friends to take with him to the city.  While there, we treated them to his favorite pizza restaurant and then took them to the batting cages for a day of batting, mini golf, and go-kart fun.  He had a blast… and he’ll remember it forever.  Making memories.

Well, yesterday was MY day and I did it up big, but every year, at the end of my special day, I’m always sad that the celebrating is over.  Some people joke that they celebrate their birthday all week or even all month long.  Why?  I believe it’s because we enjoy having something to celebrate! We enjoy having  good reason to eat cake! And it was out of that mind set that this blog was born. Who says we have to stop celebrating just because our birthday is passed? Surely there’s SOMETHING that we could celebrate EVERY day of the year.  Then I got to thinking about the Disney movie Alice In Wonderland and the fun scene where Alice encounters the Mad Hatter and rabbit who are celebrating their un-birthdays.

In the words of the Mad Hatter: “Statistics prove that you’ve only one birthday. Imagine! Just one birthday every year! Ah, but there are three hundred and sixty four UN-birthdays!”…  And that’s how the blog got it’s name.

My goal for this blog will be to find something to celebrate for each of the 365 days of the year. Starting today. I’ve been doing some research and there are some really bizarre holidays out there!

So, if  today is your birthday then HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but if it’s not, then a very merry UN-birthday to you! Let’s celebrate!

Today is “Improve Your Office Day” and “Kanelbullens Dag” (which in German means Cinnamon Roll Day. Darn our luck, right?)

If you celebrate either of those occasions and happen to document it with pictures, upload them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #myunbirthday. I’d love to see how others celebrate! And of course, you can always leave a comment here with details of how you celebrated or write about it on your blog and leave me a link so I can check it out!