October 5: World Smile Day

I’m going to have to figure this blog thing out.  First time I’ve blogged at this particular site and I’m having issues getting them to publish.  So, last night I had this whole blog typed up about how I celebrated Cinnamon Roll Day, complete with pictures, and then it didn’t publish and when I tried again I couldn’t get the pics to upload. *sigh*  So, I walked away from it for the night and haven’t had much better luck today. Trying again…

I live in a small farm  town (emphasis on small). In our small town, there are no chain restaurants.  All (of the three) restaurants in town are family owned and one of them makes a REALLY good cinnamon roll.  So, I stopped and got one yesterday to go. And it was yummy 🙂

Today was World Smile Day & World Teacher’s Day. Click on the link to read more about World Smile Day. What did YOU do today to make someone smile?

Head’s up: If tomorrow is your birthday then HAPPY BIRTHDAY, if not, then celebrate your UN-birthday with me! Tomorrow (fittingly) is Mad Hatter Day & German-American Day. Who wants to make me some schnitzel and goulash?!?

As always… if you celebrate… take a picture and tweet it or Instagram it with the hashtag #myunbirthday


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