October 7: You Matter To Me Day

Think about it… who are the people who matter to you? Have you told them lately how much they mean to you or do you assume that they already know? What if something horrific happened to them (or you) today and you nver got another chance to tell that person just how much they mean to you?? It was because of that very reason that “You Matter To Me” Day was born. A dad lost his son. Read more about it [HERE]

Today, I sent out texts to family and friends who I wanted to remind that they matter to me!  I also reassured/reaffirmed to my husband and kids that they matter to me. You’d think that goes without saying… but it’s still nice to hear.

Tell someone today that they matter to you! Or do it tomorrow. It’s never too early…but it CAN be too late.

Tomorrow is National Kick Butt Day.

KICK BUTT! And then come back and tell me about it! 🙂


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